What I Didn’t Expect…

As I was flipping through Netflix the other night trying to decide on what will fill my late night movie craving, I was about to skip over What to Expect When You’re Expecting for the 50th time, but I though, “I’ll give it a shot.” And I am glad I did.

Normally, I enjoy psychological  thrillers,  some times action/adventure, comedies, and occasionally a good scary movie. I really have to be in a special mood to watch a chick flick. I can proudly say I have never watched The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, or any other Nicholas Sparks’ novel turned movie.

I must have been in an unusually special mood that night. I normally find pregnancy, mostly labor, in movies annoying and unrealistic. There are exceptions. I did enjoy Knocked UpI found it a good mix of different humors and a cute but not make me sick cute love story.  And of course The Business of Being Born and like documentaries I find very interesting. (But then I love watching documentaries of all types.) The labors were short but seemed like they could take place in any hospital around the country.

Anyways, despite what professional critics said I liked it. I found it amusing, sometimes laughing out loud despite myself, especially at the hip dads walking group. There is heart break, and it is done realistically. However, it’s not dealt with fully like I feel like it should have been. And of course there is happiness, joy, and love that comes with every baby.

The movies covers some basic stereotypical expectant mothers. There is  The Perfect Pregnancy and The Overly Burdened with Pregnancy Aliments, who are in the same family. The Super in Control Pregnancy who is a workout queen. And an Adoptive Mother, who I can see as the most true to life character in her feelings and actions, though I haven’t  been in that position.

I have been a little of each woman. The worry of the Adoptive mother is something most women can relate to, mostly with their first child. Am I ready? Will I be a good mom? Can we really do this?  I felt great during the 2nd and beginning of the 3rd trimesters of my pregnancies like Perfect. However, Perfect feels great, looks amazing, and breezes through labor even though she is having twins. (There’s a fun little twist at the end for her.)   Overly Burdened  is how many of pregnant women feel during their 1st and late 3rd trimesters: exhausted; gassy; sick; overwhelmingly heavy and uncomfortable.  I know that’s how I felt at the end, as big as a house and just waiting to get those babies out!

Then there is Super in Control. She is the one I most related to, but not with the all working out.  She surrounded herself with information on both sides and brings up some controversial issues (though again not in depth) pregnant women face when given all the info. And the one topic that surprised me the most that the film briefly touched on was to circumcise or not their little boy.  There was never an answer give to the question because they ended up having a “gasp” little girl (well played Hollywood). She gave birth all natural and used a birthing bar, which I will give a very large round of applause to Hollywood for showing.

I am going to touch more on the births in another post because that ↑↑ was a lot more than I was going to write.  I will end with ↓↓ this!

If you are a mom already, I think it is worth watching for the laughs which most of us could use at one point during our journey of motherhood. If you are expecting, watch it on one of your not-going-to-sob-over-every-little-thing days, because you will probably sob at a few points. And if you are considering getting knocked up, there are ups and downs but it will end like the movie and you get to start another brand new journey with your bundle of joy.


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