Let’s Try This Again.

Hello again. So it’s just shy of a year since I’ve added anything to this. It’s not because I haven’t written anything. I have, but my writings have all been in notebooks or journals. And I haven’t had the time, energy, or really the means to bring any of it here.

You see, life with 3 little boys can be horribly overwhelming. (and for those parent-bloggers, I don’t know how you do it! You’re amazing!)  There is one of me. I don’t have twelve arms or 3 sets of eyes to keep constant tabs on them (and yes, that’s 4 hand for each child, and most moms of little boys know that the minimum that you have to have when those awesome little balls of energy start to move). And that’s not my style. I am not a hover-er, which if you happen to be, awesome, because that’s your style and you should own it! Sure, that means I have lots of little heart attacks when I see the Joey (whose 4 now) jumping off the top of the Cozy Coup, and Tony (the baby, he’s still one) trying to follow big bro’s every move. Or have “lost” Billy (whose 3rd birthday is next month), because he is obsessed with the tractor in the shed, and that should be the first place I look, but for some reason my brain fails me (which happens more than I’d  {see what I mean? I had to come back when I read this to Joe tonight at 1 am}. His little legs carry him pretty far in the 30 seconds I watch Joey run really fast to the far back of the yard because he has his “really fast shoes” on and I dodge fists fulls of sand being hurled at my shins by Tony. So I’ll grab Tony so he doesn’t make a break for it to the neighbors’ chicken coop, and dash around the house and end at the shed and there’s Billy saying “HI MOM!” in his adorable little voice. (OK so this only happened once (so far this spring), but it just emphasizes the the things that {did it again here too…} happen around here with the little monsters. 🙂 )

I know what goes on in their sneaky little brains. They know there is only one of me. (are human clones or robot look-similars available yet? Because that would be great.) So some little thing in their brains sends signals to the others, and they quickly determine, with amazing calculations, who has the best chance to sneak away while the other 2 cause a diversion. Yup, that’s got to be how they do it.

Well, however it happens, one is going to be getting into some trouble while the other 2 are occupying my 2 arms and 2 eyes. And over the course of several months, the keyboard on the laptop lost all of its keys, at least 2 cans of soda were spilt (no, I am not British, I prefer “spilt” over “spilled” in many cases), and one unfortunate night the screen got shut on a bottle of nail polish and that was nearly the final nail in its coffin. Thank goodness that hard little worker had a VGA port and I had a monitor sitting unused. And I could pull up the onscreen keyboard. Such a pain, but at least I could retreat to Facebook to browse the lives of my friends that I miss at nap time. And if no one interrupted me for the 10 minutes it took to hunt with the mouse I could comment on something. And by some act of computer elves, the keys began to work without the key tops.

But we have just purchased a new wireless keyboard and mouse (with one of those little USB dongles). And I picked up a pen that will record my writings and transfer them to the computer so hopefully that will help me get my new writings from paper to here.

So we’ll see how it goes for… I’m shooting for 2 posts a week. I can do it this time! See ya soon! (this week only one because it’s Friday and weekends are family time. Especially this weekend being Mother’s Day)


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