2015 Recap

Here’s a somewhat brief recap of what happened in our life. 

​Joe and I both turned 29.

Joey turned 5.

At the end of April we lost our pup, Bo, to cancer after 8 wonderful years with him as part of our family. The day before, we had a good bye service. Our siblings came while my dad did a slightly modified pet blessing. He was fed all of his favorites and showered with love. Joey came with Joe and I to the vet, to say our last goodbyes. 

Joey graduated from preschool. 

Billy turned 4.

On August 9th, we welcomed our beautiful daughter (hooray for not being the only girl any more) Virginia Joan named after both of her great-grandmas. (Joan is pronounced as Jo Ann) Her brothers, Daddy, and I adore her. 

Joey started Kindergarten. 

Tony turned 3!

Joe’s oldest little sister was married. The boys and Ginny all were part of it.

Billy started preschool. And henceforth was known as William.

On September 19th, we moved into our new home! A 3 bed, 2 bath ranch on a little over 1.5 acres. We held Thanksgiving with both of our families. It was amazing to have everyone under our roof. 

On December 7th, we lost my paternal grandmother, Virginia. She was such a wonderful soul. She was a force. It’s been hard not having her in our lives. She was buried next to her husband George on her birthday, December 19th. Christmas wasn’t the same.

And although it dips into 2016, we lost my maternal grandfather, James, on January 6th surrounded by his children, grandchildren, and a great-grandchild. He was laid to rest next to his beloved Joan, daughter Amy, and granddaughter Jessica. He was a kind, hard working soul, who raised his children on his own after his wife passed. 

As you see we had a lot of heartbreak happen. But so many to rejoice as well. Love was the string that stitched up our lives, in good times and bad, as well as everyday life. It grew in bounds. And never faltered. 


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