Good Bye 2016

We’re coming to the close of another year, 2016. For us, we’ve had ups and downs, sorrows and joy. But most of all we have love.

Since it’s been almost 2 years since I’ve written, here’s where you can read about 2015. Here’s what happened in 2016 for us.

Even though it was in 2015, it made a big impact on our lives. On December 7th, we lost my paternal grandmother, Virginia. She was such a wonderful soul. She was a force. It’s been hard not having her in our lives. She was buried next to her husband George on her birthday, December 19th. Christmas wasn’t the same.

We lost my maternal grandfather, James, on January 6th surrounded by his children, grandchildren, and a great-grandchild. He was laid to rest next to his beloved Joan, daughter Amy, and granddaughter Jessica. He was a kind, hard working soul, who raised his children on his own after his wife passed.

Joe and I turned 30. And as he likes to jokingly remind me, I’m an old lady because I did so 1st.

We got our chicks and duckings.

Joey turned 6.

Joe and I finally pulled the trigger and tied the knot on May 14th, a day before our dating anniversary. Our parents walked us in. My sister was my maid of honor and his best friend his best man. My dad was presided over our ceremony.

William graduated from preschool.

Joey finished Kindergarten.

William turned 5.

My sister went to Poland for WYD16.

Ginny turned 1!

Joey and William started 1st and Kindergarten at “Joey’s school”.

Tony turned 4 and started preschool.

On October 22nd, we welcomed our second beautiful daughter, Clara Grace. She struggled a bit for the first couple weeks with jaundice, but we got through it. She is healthy and strong, and looks a lot like baby Joey did.

THE CHICAGO CUBS WON THE WORLD SERIES!!!!! Grandma Ginny was a lifelong fan. Joe and I both are too, and now so are our kiddos. William is still singing “Go Cubs Go”. We all stayed up late that night singing and celebrating.

The presidential campaigning came to an end on Election Day. (No more craptastic commercials and mudslinging!)

We held another wonderful combined Thanksgiving.

Joey and William were both in our church’s Christmas pageant.

On Christmas Eve, William carried Baby Jesus up to the Nativity. Christmas day has come and gone, a day filled with family.

And so here Joe and I sit surrounded by our children (how have they not fallen asleep yet?), watching movies, and counting down until 2017.

Love again has been our constant. Love will continue to bind us together throughout the upcoming year.

I pray for you and yours a Prosperous New Year, filled with Blessings, Love, and Life. Peace to your households and Peace to the World.


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