Hello all! My name is GinaSue. I’m excited to share with you some of the details of our life here at the Vicari Homestead! Our cup spills over with the love we share (and it’s the kind of mess I don’t have to clean up). No matter where we live our heart will be there.

Let me introduce you to the cast of characters!

The Boys 

Joey- The oldest. Named after his dad, he looks and acts every bit of it. He has a sensitive streak a mile wide, which can be a burden sometimes, but he is one of the most empathetic souls I know. Loves Minecraft, Lego, and Pokémon. He’s got a great imagination and loves to draw. We’re working on his frustrations with things he thinks are hard (trying to build up his lacking confidence). He’s a great big brother to all the others.

William- The middle boy. He’s named after his Grandpa Bill & all the James we have in the family. Even though he’s quiet, he is ornery. He’s obsessed with “trucks with trailers”, farm equipment, and riding his bike. He also digs playing Minecraft. We are working on listening and following directions with him. He too struggles with dealing with frustrations. He loves to hang out with Dad and watch 4×4 build videos.

Tony- The baby of the boys, and middle of all of them. He’s named after his Uncle Augy, and we found out later shares his whole name with a great great grandfather. Since he started school, he has really become a chatterbox. It’s great. He still loves dinosaurs and tries to play Minecraft too. We’re working on ABCs and really trying to nail down pink and purple and orange and yellow. He is awesome at helping with his little sisters.

The Girls

Ginny- Miss Sassypants, bossy britches, and it isn’t a bad thing (until she tries that with me and Dad). She’s named after both of her great grandmas on my side. She is bubbly and smiley, until she doesn’t get her way, namely whatever her sister has. She takes her cues from Tony, which is both good and bad. She’s a jabber jaws too. She tries to help Mommy and Daddy do everything: loading the dishwasher, unfolding clothes, bossing her big bros around. Girls are definitely different than boys.

Clara- The actual baby of the bunch. She is even smiley-er than Ginny and Tony. I didn’t know that was possible. She also wants whatever it is her sister wants. She babbles away, nods in agreement. Although like all of her sibling, the tantrums have started. She runs around the house like a madwoman and tries to get into all the things!

The Parents

Joe- Husband, Dad, hard-working lead tech, all around amazing guy. And that him in a nutshell. He’s a great, mostly patience dad which is great because those boys are still rambunctious, and these girls have him wrapped around their fingers. And he has to deal with me and my crazy ideas. He is loving, generous, and kind. He works hard to make sure we’re all well provided for and is usually willing to help anyone and everyone out. He always tells me how lucky he is to have me in his life, but I am really the lucky one.

Me- Wife, Mom, stay-at-home. I love being a mom. I love to cook, garden, take care of our ducks and chickens, and take pictures (which I need to start up again). I like to read and write. I hate to clean. Especially laundry, but when I am line drying it, I don’t mind so much.  Joe and I would both like to be doing more outdoor “ing” things like camping, hiking, fishing, and on and on. But my heart and soul are happy raising our family.

The Pets
Life wouldn’t be complete without a couple of actual animals running around with our monkeys.

Lucy is our mutt. She’s great with the kids. Gets a little crazy sometimes too. But ya need to be to be in our family. Just pet her and she’ll love you forever.
Big is the cat that came with the house. We’ve got no clue if he is a he or a she. So he’s a he. He is a garage cat. Loves to hang out there with Joe.
And then there’s the chickens and ducks. Only 3 really have names. A duck named Batman, another named Heihei, and a bantam rooster named Raptor. They are fun. And it’s a good system: they eat the bugs, give us eggs, and fertilizer.

Life is awesome and crazy and so much fun. Yes, there are some bad times and the good times don’t always out number those, but the love we have and share binds us together though it all.

Hope you enjoy getting a peak into our lives and inside my brain.