Birds and Bricks

This is a 3 part entry all on the same page. You’ll see what I mean.


Along with Facebook, Instagram, and here, I am on Twitter. I’ve had an account for a little over 2 years now. I started in the middle of June of 2011, tweeting almost once everyday. Then came baby W and the little bird flew out the window.  Life moved along, a little differently for us, and I was back on for about another month. Then it was sparingly for the next year and a half, mostly for sharing my bloggings, which didn’t help me get any views. What the hey.

But now I’m back at it, slowly but surely. I still don’t know if I’m using the #s correctly or not. One day, I’ll get the hang of it and all 140 characters will be hashtagging it up.  This time I’m not only composing my own tweets, utilizing said #s (which I usually promptly delete because I sound like a dork), I have also responded to people/groups. Keep that in mind.

On to part 2!


The bricks I happen to be talk about are LEGO® brand building bricks! Who doesn’t love LEGOs? (Please don’t hurl grammatical and nerdy corrections at me for saying LEGOs instead of LEGO. This is how I have been saying it all my life and I’m not changing it now.) No one I can think of, unless you step on one or more of those little multi-colored bricks in the middle of the night stumbling your way in to the bathroom.

Growing up we had both Duplo®s and regular LEGOs. Seriously one of the best toys ever made. I’ve  bought a few sets Duplos for the boys. Little J and W do a good job playing with them. They both use their imagination to create things and are starting play in the context of the set, fireman, zoo keeper, farmer, gas station people. T likes to chew and bang them together. Big J and I get in on the action too. We love LEGOs! It is something we can all play with as a family.

Thankfully, Little J only has one small set of a regular LEGOs, a fireman, his dog, and the multitudes of vehicles you can build with the bricks and other parts, right now. We play with it when the other two are down for their naps so no little pieces get lost or eaten.  I know that will change and we will be swimming in a sea of LEGOs soon enough. Then I will have to worry about being hated because I sucked up that one very important piece, that one piece that will complete the town of LEGOs that they have been working on for days and days. But for now the little ones are confined to a pencil box.

Birds and Bricks

How do these fit together? I’ll explain.

I checked out Twitter this morning because I follow news sources (NPR, BBC-UK, BBCA, WGN) along with some celebrities (mostly geeks and nerds with a smattering of comedians ) and “normal” people. The first tweet that was on my home page caught my attention.


Kari ByronKari Byron ‏@KariByron                                                  2h 

More female Lego figures that don’t involve being a princess!


Kari Byron is best known as the female face of Discovery Channel’s MythBustersI think she is good role model for little and big girls alike. Along with doing crazy and amazing experiments, she is a mom. She has posted a few writings on, though not for a couple of years now.

Anyways, her tweet start my brain thinking about all my LEGOs and after a quick search, I found the “girly” set my sister and I had. It was Paradisanormal sized bricks that came in white, lime green, shades of pink, and tropical blues. It was a resort to build with pools and palm trees and almost all of girl mini-figures! They had ponytails, girlish clothes, fancy riding clothes, and bathing suits. There were girls grilling, swimming with dolphins, surfing, all sorts of stuff.

But the biggest things to me were the new hair and the freckled-faced girl with no make-up. Someone who looked like me.  Any of my little LEGO people could become a girl now with the ponytail. (Well, except the scruffy-faced men. They would just be scruffy-faced men with ponytails.)  All I had to do was pop her head and ponytail on any body and she could be anything I wanted to be.

Of course now there are many different hair styles, faces, clothes, and characters little girls can play with in newer sets. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter and Princess Leia from Star Wars are 2 that come to mind. I know Leia may have the title of princess, but she was a smart and fierce warrior. But I would be glad to see LEGO developing other interests in their female mini-figures. The project mentioned above, “Female Minifigure Set“, is now in the review stage by LEGO® CUUSOO. Keep your fingers crossed it gets made!

To try to tie it all neatly up, I replied to her in a tweet; not as elaborate as on here but I think I made my point. I don’t think I’ll ever get a response back and it’s all right (after all she had over 200,000 followers), but because of it, I got to remember a fantastic toy and hopefully see a glimpse at the future.

Following LEGO’s Fair Play rules, “LEGO®is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site.” I just really like their toys!


What I Didn’t Expect…

As I was flipping through Netflix the other night trying to decide on what will fill my late night movie craving, I was about to skip over What to Expect When You’re Expecting for the 50th time, but I though, “I’ll give it a shot.” And I am glad I did.

Normally, I enjoy psychological  thrillers,  some times action/adventure, comedies, and occasionally a good scary movie. I really have to be in a special mood to watch a chick flick. I can proudly say I have never watched The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, or any other Nicholas Sparks’ novel turned movie.

I must have been in an unusually special mood that night. I normally find pregnancy, mostly labor, in movies annoying and unrealistic. There are exceptions. I did enjoy Knocked UpI found it a good mix of different humors and a cute but not make me sick cute love story.  And of course The Business of Being Born and like documentaries I find very interesting. (But then I love watching documentaries of all types.) The labors were short but seemed like they could take place in any hospital around the country.

Anyways, despite what professional critics said I liked it. I found it amusing, sometimes laughing out loud despite myself, especially at the hip dads walking group. There is heart break, and it is done realistically. However, it’s not dealt with fully like I feel like it should have been. And of course there is happiness, joy, and love that comes with every baby.

The movies covers some basic stereotypical expectant mothers. There is  The Perfect Pregnancy and The Overly Burdened with Pregnancy Aliments, who are in the same family. The Super in Control Pregnancy who is a workout queen. And an Adoptive Mother, who I can see as the most true to life character in her feelings and actions, though I haven’t  been in that position.

I have been a little of each woman. The worry of the Adoptive mother is something most women can relate to, mostly with their first child. Am I ready? Will I be a good mom? Can we really do this?  I felt great during the 2nd and beginning of the 3rd trimesters of my pregnancies like Perfect. However, Perfect feels great, looks amazing, and breezes through labor even though she is having twins. (There’s a fun little twist at the end for her.)   Overly Burdened  is how many of pregnant women feel during their 1st and late 3rd trimesters: exhausted; gassy; sick; overwhelmingly heavy and uncomfortable.  I know that’s how I felt at the end, as big as a house and just waiting to get those babies out!

Then there is Super in Control. She is the one I most related to, but not with the all working out.  She surrounded herself with information on both sides and brings up some controversial issues (though again not in depth) pregnant women face when given all the info. And the one topic that surprised me the most that the film briefly touched on was to circumcise or not their little boy.  There was never an answer give to the question because they ended up having a “gasp” little girl (well played Hollywood). She gave birth all natural and used a birthing bar, which I will give a very large round of applause to Hollywood for showing.

I am going to touch more on the births in another post because that ↑↑ was a lot more than I was going to write.  I will end with ↓↓ this!

If you are a mom already, I think it is worth watching for the laughs which most of us could use at one point during our journey of motherhood. If you are expecting, watch it on one of your not-going-to-sob-over-every-little-thing days, because you will probably sob at a few points. And if you are considering getting knocked up, there are ups and downs but it will end like the movie and you get to start another brand new journey with your bundle of joy.


Hello. And to some of you, hello again.

I’ve been thinking really hard about what to share on my other blog, The Only Girl in the House, that I had started and never kept up with. I had made a promise to myself to write for 1 hour every week day and make a new post at least once a week.  Alas, I ended up with a mountain of drafts on here and in my journal because it never felt right to publish them.

But then it suddenly hit me. I am in a new chapter of my life. Why not create something new too? So here we are.

What’s this new chapter, you might ask. Let me tell you. I started a new career. I have long hours; messy, demanding clients; and mind numbing, back breaking labor. But the pay is excellent. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world. That’s right, I am now a stay-at-home mom.

I feel like I won the lottery. Well, most days anyway. Some days I want to tear my hair out! But that feeling passes and I know I am lucky. This is what I want to be right now. When the boys get older, I will find something else to take up my school day hours and be a working mom again. But for right now, I am content.

I’m not knocking working moms. This is what is right for me and my family. I think all moms are amazing! And whatever is right for you, you go momma!

Of course, there are cons to being a new stay-at-home mom. I have traded in an old list of worries for a new one.  I have new guilts along with harboring feelings of the old ones.  I don’t have too much adult interaction except with family members. And right now, there is no such thing as me time. They will hunt you down and find you. All three of them. And now that Little J can open every single door (even the ones with the child locks), all three will clamor in to the bathroom and cling to me while I’m hastily pulling up my pants.

But the pros far out way the cons. The biggest by far is that I get to watch my children grow up in front of me, instead of through some one else’s daily run down of events or pictures. Along with that, I am the one teaching my children. I get to be the one who decides what it best for them (Yes, yes. Big J get to decide too. But this is my blog.) I get to be the one they rely on when they need something (Of course they rely on Big J too). And maybe seeing me use the potty will inspire them to use it all the time too. I can only hope.

While I may not “get it right” everyday, I am trying. I can see my efforts paying off everyday. I am Mommy. And I’m good with that.

Again if you would like to check out my old blog you can click here. Thanks for stopping by!